The Art of Stephanie Buscema


Let's do this, 2014!

I love a fresh start, a clean blank slate that you can do just about anything with! This past week has been all about list writing, goal making and setting that bar higher. Last year was filled with some extremely valuable lessons, both personal and work related. These lessons/events left me with a much thicker skin and had me thinking more and more about what I want as an artist and freelancer. After all, we're our own bosses as freelancers, right? So what makes a good boss? 

A few things come to mind: Someone who pushes and encourages you to grow and learn, allowing you to try new things to add to your skill set. An individual who expects you to work hard for your income a fair income. Someone who doesn't take advantage of you and your work, a full night of sleep and a little kindness go a LONG way. Field trips! Good bosses allow you to take a field trip at least once a month to an inspiring place-a museum, gallery, nature reserve, park. Somewhere to gather visual eye candy and get your thoughts in order. And last, (but most importantly) a good boss allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. They don't constantly badger you and mentally beat you up, they allow you to learn from it and move on to the next thing. That last one is a toughie. 

This is the year I become a better boss. Let's kick some booty, 2014. 

Stephanie Buscema