The Art of Stephanie Buscema


Soon it will be Halloween! 🎃

The guilt has been setting in for not updating here sooner. The past few months have been a non-stop marathon of painting, working on new projects for 2015 and a few new small personal things for this fall. Summer went so incredibly fast, we've been feeling a little cheated out of a summer-although the 80-90 degree weather around here lately has been making up for that! I certainly didn't get out as much as I had hoped for-plans to take an antiquing road trip, beach days with a good book and some house improvement projects were put on hold due to work. We did however sneak out to a few afternoon antique fairs, some day trips out to eastern Long Island and a couple of nights with friends and the fire pit made up for it!

This past month I finished up my very last cover for Red Sonja, for issue 18. it's been so fun to contribute to this great book the past year and a half-the biggest thanks to everyone who went out of their way to find my cover, they were all a real labor of love and I hope some folks enjoyed them! Moving forward, I'll be focusing on some really exciting work that will need most of my painting attention, painting work for some gallery shows and personal work. I'll be winding down on the number of covers I'll be taking on and unfortunately will not be taking on anymore commission paintings.

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to start releasing some of the new fall goodies I've been working on. Everything is now available in my shop (including that little green-haired witch above!), prints, button sets, mirrors and a *really* rad Halloween sticker pack made for me by our awesome friends at Rockin' Stickers!  It was really fun trying to make this set have a vintage Halloween vibe-and as always, my awesome super talented partner Rob rocked out another great packaging design that's beyond perfect! We love working together and I hope we can collaborate on something larger scale one day.

On downtime (or super late at night after the paint has dried), I've been really, really enjoying working on items for Kitschy Witch Jewelry. It's been relaxing, a great de-stressing hobby and so fun hunting around for vintage items to incorporate into new jewelry. I recently found some pretty incredible old vending machine charm lots, old monsters among hundreds of other silly themes. I've been so lucky to have some super supportive people dig what I do-and can't thanks everyone enough for checking out what I do!

Below are a few items I made for the Kitschy Witch shop for Halloween (the Monster Mash brooch shown is sold out! But I'll be offering a different variation on the brooch in the next week or two :) )  xo-Steph

Stephanie Buscema