The Art of Stephanie Buscema


April Update

Happy spring! It's finally warming up a bit here after what seemed like months of endless, miserable snow and ice! Birds are finally out and seeds are being prepared for our flower and veggie gardens. Sad we aren't doing much traveling this spring and summer, but looking forward to being home and really working on our gardens when not working. Lots going on this month and not a whole lot of time to do much posting, so here's a quick run-down of what's to come before I bury myself in paintings! A few art shows and releases, first up is:

The release of the Magic of Mary Blair collection by Pinup Couture at the Pinup Girl boutique in Burbank, CA on April 25th (info to the left).

Excited to have my new Alice fabrics/dress/skirts released at this big event along with 5 brand new Alice inspired fine art prints (peek at the new Queen of Hearts art print, above!) and a limited amount of handmade Jewelry to match the collection! A few of these items will be available in my online shops after the release for those of you who won't be able to attend (Prints will be available here and Jewelry items will be available here!).

I'll also have three new paintings in a show over at Bear and Bird Gallery, for their Studio Ghibli inspired show! Show opens May 8th and runs through July 4th, opening reception from 7-10pm. Wish I could be at the event to see all the beautiful work they're featuring! Please stop by if you're in the area (and take lots of pictures, ;) Below is a peek at one of three paintings I've sent over to the gallery, couldn't resist painting a little Jiji!

A few special projects are in the go as well as working on the Chimi books over the coming months, so I might not be posting very frequently. Next show will be Boston Comic Con over the summer. Unfortunately, I'm not able to take on commissions due to my work load, however, I will be bringing a bunch of smaller sized paintings, some cover paintings and new prints to the show. Looking forward to seeing our friends there and sneaking out of the house for a few days!

Stephanie Buscema