The Art of Stephanie Buscema


Happy 2016!

Happy New Year! 

Now with the holidays over, it's been full speed ahead into 2016. It was a working holiday for us this year (with the exception of a much needed break on X-Mas Eve and NYE, which we spent with family and friends)-but a good head start has been made and 2016 is looking for be a really great year for us so far. Lots of things being released and some new things in the go: new patterns and collab projects happening as well. So, yay!

Some updates while I catch my breath-firstly, so happy to share the new website! My talented husband worked his magic and made a bunch of changes over a and I have to say, it's looking pretty darn spiffy. A few more things to do, but it's pretty much all there. I'm really excited to have a designs and jewelry section now, which I'll be able to update more frequently with current things I'm making alongside my painting and illustrations.

New scarves are happening and in the works and FINALLY some new jewelry. It's been a short while since I've added new items over at the Kitschy Witch shop, keep an eye out-new things are being added pretty often now! I've been dreaming up lots of new pieces while working, jotting down ideas and hoarding supplies. As much as I detest the cold season and not being able to do any gardening, it's given me a tiny window of time per week to stay inside and work on some of my own things (aside from painting), like some new jewelry designs and textile patterns. Slowly chipping away at a new fortune teller silk scarf design and a new collection of brooches. A peek below at one of my vintage inspired hand brooches, coming next month.

Above is a small portrait piece painted around the holidays. A fast attempt to simplify and make a few changes to my painting approach for work that needs to be done and handed in fast. It's currently been difficult to get any free time to do these small experiments with my work load, but hoping to make more time to do this type of work later in the year. It's become a bit of a goal to make more selfish "me time" this year-to learn more technique and create for myself. These little creative burst breaks, even if it's an hour or so, are so important-I can't stress that enough.

Enough babble-Back to work! Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2016! xo

Stephanie Buscema