The Art of Stephanie Buscema


Welcome to OZ! Collection Launching 8/30


Launching Friday, August 30th at 3pm EDT! I’m so excited to share the newest collection for Kitschy Witch Designs, inspired by L. Frank Baum’s Oz book series. These books are near and dear to me, so this collection has been a real labor of love for us to create and took several months to pull together. This new novelty print fabric has been lovingly illustrated by hand with vintage novelty souvenir prints in mind, with a literary twist. Locations from all four quadrants in the Land of OZ have been included, from the Emerald City, Mount Munch, Scarecrow’s Tower to the Truth Pond & Magic Waterfall. Featuring some favorite characters from these beloved books (Jack, Bellina, Tik-Tok, Glinda, Ozma, Woozy and Tin Woodsman just to name a few!), along with Poppies and twinkling stars scattered throughout the fabric repeat.


Several items were designed for this little collection and will be available on the website at launch time. A new skirt style along with our Rosaleen dress will be available in this print, along with pins, jewelry, accessories (bags, scarf) and an amazing jewelry collab with one of my favorite makers+designers, Luxulite! As with all of our little collections, pieces are all limited edition and only available at Kitschy Witch Designs.

Stephanie Buscema